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How to use the FEDOG paper sets

One of the criterions of the cultural level of the nation is whether sanitary and aesthetic rules are observed. It is obvious at first sight that the public places in our towns are not in good condition. The daily amount of dogs´ excrements comes up to twenty tons in Prague alone. Taking into consideration the area of the whole town and frequency of taking the dogs out it is not possible for any cleaning organisation to ensure stable and permanent cleanness. The aim to offer dog owners an instrument which enables them to tidy up cheap, immediately and hygienically the dogs ?visiting card" culminated in the year 1994 when the product obtained a license of the Office of Industrial Property.

The FEDOG paper set has a status of protected industrial sample, inset No. 28764. In the year 1995 it was granted the ?Package of the year" award saying: The FEDOG paper set - compared with the currently used PE bags, the paper bag is easily degradable in the nature. The advertisement print lowers the costs. The scoop minimizes the aversion to pick up the excrement. The bag together with its content can be composted. The full bags can disposed of by burning, depositing in dumping grounds or recycled by composing.

The set is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Since May 6, 1998 it has been an ecological product ECO PACK - certificate No. E/48/98. CZECH MADE since the year 1996. In 1999 first priority document was issued by the Office of Industrial Property protecting the products also in other countries. The product has been covered by patent for the whole of the EU since 2004.

The managing director of the company NICHIETSU CORPORATION declared in the year 1998 that thus complex solved problem outran the time in other world by 10 years.

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