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FEDOG - I. Solnař
Dělnická 54
170 00 PRAHA 7

+420 222 726 110

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Tried and tested way of distributing FEDOG sets

In Prague there is a network of about 4,500 places with suspension equipment adjusted for free distribution of FEDOG paper sets. The bags are supplied every day including Sundays and holidays. This is done through cleaning companies operating in the particular location. Thus the dog owners are not motivated to take bags they do not need at the moment. They are used to being able to get another bag on the next corner if the first one is full. The consistent daily bags supply actually resulted in lower consumption of bags. After 11 years of experience the sceptical opinion that this offer would not be used by dog fanciers has been disproved. This is also proven by increasing number of places not only in Prague but many other towns in the Czech Republic, too.

How the front side of the bag can be used

The front side is fully at the disposal of the client. Advertisements can be printed on the front. It can be used by veterinary surgeries, pet shops but also sponsoring companies who are interested in cleanness in the neighbourhood, or instructions for dogs owners can be printed here. The use of front side of the bag does not affect the price of the sets (the print can be done in four colours). The only condition is taking delivery of a minimum of 16000 pieces and the payment of production of first printing block. The profit when using the front side for advertisement print goes to the klient. When taking deliveries of fewer than 16000 pieces the bags come with standard print. The term of delivery is 30 working days of the day when materials (fit for reprint) are submitted.